New Clients


We are excited to have your pup join the Dog House Denver family!

Our Meet and Greet appointments allow us to evaluate your pup in our daycare environment for a minimum of 5 hours (though we can go longer, as needed). We slowly introduce your pup to different environments, low energy to high energy. We also will give each meet and greet a break in a calm environment to see how they do by themselves. You will receive an email report card a few hours into the evaluation to give you an update on your pup’s progress. We only need pet parents to stay for 5-10 minutes to complete a behavior questionnaire, which is a guide for us in the evaluation process.

Our Process:

Step 1

Please complete the online profile for your pup and upload current vaccinations. Pet parents must also sign a Dog Daycare Agreement which can be found online. When completed, please give us a call to book your Meet and Greet appointment.

  Create Account Now (303) 320-5664

Step 2

Please bring your dog, on a leash, within 10 minutes of your appointment time. While you complete the behavior questionnaire, an experienced dog handler will guide your dog throughout the facility before introducing them to other dogs. Once each meet and greet has been thoroughly evaluated, they will be placed in the appropriate energy level room. At this time, Dog House Denver staff will complete a Report Card, including pictures, which will be emailed to the pet parent before the meet and greet is completed.

Step 3

After 5 hours pet parents are welcome to pick up their dog. Staff will be happy to go over any behavioral concerns at this time. To ensure the best and safest experience for all our dogs, traditionally aggressive dogs, or dogs that are illegal in the city and county of Denver, are not accepted. If your dog passes the meet and greet, future daycare appointments can be scheduled at this time.