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4.7 stars | 66 reviews
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Embark on a journey where compassion and care intertwine at Dog House Denver, a beacon of furry happiness in the heart of Denver. From the first playful bark to the contented sighs of naptime, our commitment to your pet's joy defines us. Let us introduce you to a community where every pawprint tells a story of love, laughter, and individualized canine camaraderie. Dive into the heart of our mission at Dog House Denver, where our team is more than dog lovers — we are dedicated guardians of joy. From dawn to dusk, our staff commits to creating a haven for your pets, ensuring each tail wags with abandon.

Why Dog House Denver  Leads the Pack

We’re proud to feature 1,200 square feet of outdoor play space where dogs run freely, forging bonds as unique as their personalities. At Dog House Denver, we understand that your pet is not just a dog but a cherished member of your family, and we treat them as such. As locals ourselves, we take pride in being an integral part of the Denver community. Dog House Denver isn't just a business; it's a promise of care, camaraderie, and community spirit. Our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional daycare — we contribute to the vibrancy of the neighborhoods we serve. Join us in creating a tapestry of happy barks, wagging tails, and shared moments that make Dog House Denver more than just a dog daycare — it's a canine community cornerstone.

Meet Our Professional Team Members

Bruce Lambert, Owner

Dog House Denver is led by Bruce Lambert, a Colorado native and Metropolitan State University of Denver graduate. After six years in the sports industry with the Colorado Rockies and Denver Nuggets, Bruce discovered a newfound passion in the pet care industry. Dogs have been a pivotal part of Bruce's life since his first best friend, Sappy, showed him the boundless qualities of these creatures. With over five years of experience in dog daycare management, Bruce is committed to providing quality care, canine socialization, and a safe haven for dogs to thrive. Currently residing in Denver with his 8-year-old Australian Shepherd, Jeter, Bruce continues to build trusting relationships with dogs and their owners.

Kasey Dugan walks a dog down a flight .

Kasey Dugan, Lead Trainer

Meet Kasey, the heart and soul behind "Get Sit Done: Dog Walking & Training." 

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Growing up surrounded by horses and various animals, Kasey transitioned from teaching horseback riding and training rescue horses to focusing on dog and people training and behavior. Drawing on lessons learned from horses about friendship, understanding, and individualized interactions, Kasey incorporates these values into her approach with dogs. Formerly a trainer and behaviorist with Noble Beast Dog Training, Kasey honed her skills with various breeds, types, and skill sets of dogs and their parents. Her mission revolves around fostering relationships based on trust, respect, patience, and love.

John Tahgher nuzzles with a black dog.

Jon Taugher, Dog Handler

Jon Taugher, aka Jet, is the soulful force behind Dog House Denver, fueled by an unwavering love for dogs. 

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His journey began with adopting the neighbor's Golden Retriever, Walbash, at the age of 8. Jon's dedication to dogs led him to volunteer at shelters and rescues, forging a deep connection with these incredible animals. After a career burnout, Jon found solace in dog care, climbing the ranks in daycare and boarding management. Dissatisfied with the corporate approach, Jon began his career at Dog House Denver, aiming to provide quality, nurturing care and feed his soul by being with dogs. His commitment ensures a safe, fun, and enriching experience for each furry individual.

Hannah Ready kneels down to look at a tan dog.

Hannah Ready, Dog Handler

Hannah, a devoted animal lover, finds her purpose in loving and protecting all creatures that cross her path.

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 Raised in Colorado, Hannah's passion for dogs grew alongside her appreciation for loyalty and love. With a background in shelters, rescues, and daycares, Hannah aspires to train service dogs in the future. Joining Dog House Denver, she embarks on a new journey to build relationships with both you and your furry companions. Blessed with two beautiful children, Hannah brings joy, compassion, and a deep connection with animals to the Dog House family.

Kendall Hogue hugs a white and tan dog.

Kendall Hogue, Customer Service

Greetings from Kendall, a Colorado native with a lifelong love for dogs. 

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With an 8-year-old husky mix as her best friend, Kendall brings five years of experience from various daycares and boarding facilities. Certified through Animal Behavior College, she is thrilled to be part of the Dog House Denver team. Eager to get to know you and your pups, Kendall's passion for dogs is evident in her dedication to their well-being and happiness.

Abrianna Sutherland poses with a small black and white dog.

Abrianna Sutherland, Dog Handler

Meet Abrianna, a recent Colorado transplant from Michigan, drawn by the opportunity to work with animals. 

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Starting her journey at 15 by volunteering at shelters, Abrianna's love for furry friends led her to her first doggy daycare job. Working hard and bonding with her furry companions, Abrianna values the unique connections she forms. Currently raising an Australian cattle dog named Django, who is on the path to becoming a fully trained service dog, Abrianna cherishes the chance to care for and bond with your pets at Dog House Denver.

Vanessa poses with a large white dog.

Vanessa, Dog Handler

Vanessa, a California native, now finds joy as part of the Dog House family alongside her Aussie-lab mix, Gwen Stacy. 

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Fascinated by various animals, Vanessa moved to Colorado to experience all four seasons and discovered the world of doggie daycares. Honored to be part of the dream job opportunities at Dog House Denver, Vanessa combines her love for animals with her favorite pastimes, like watching movies and enjoying tacos. As she hangs out with your wonderful pets, Vanessa brings a vibrant spirit and genuine care to the Dog House family.

Michael Miniaci poses with a with a black dog and white dog.

Michael Miniaci, Customer Service

Introducing Michael, who grew up in Iowa surrounded by family dogs and cats. 

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His journey with dogs started with a Rottweiler named Nala, accompanying him on adventures nationwide. With five years of experience in dog walking, sitting, bathing, boarding, and daycare, Michael brought his passion for soccer and dogs to Colorado six years ago. Now rooted in the state, he continues to share his life with Nala, his main soccer-watching partner, while providing nurturing care at Dog House Denver.

Chaz Duhart pets a small tan dog.

Chaz Duhart, Dog Handler

Say hello to Chaz, a Colorado native who embarked on a career working with dogs two years ago in various doggie daycares. 

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Bonding with dogs and appreciating their unique personalities is Chaz's favorite part of the job. He believes that being around dogs makes every day a good one. Eager to expand his experience at Dog House Denver, Chaz looks forward to creating more connections and sharing laughter with your furry companions.

Taylor Rodriquez walks a black dog near a cliff along the water.

Taylor Rodriguez, Dog Handler

Meet Taylor, a Colorado transplant who unexpectedly found her calling with animals seven years ago. 

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Surrounded by a variety of animals throughout her life, Taylor's experience in dog daycares for the past three years has deepened her understanding of the human-dog relationship. With two dogs of her own, Zula and Kiba, and a cat named Loki, Taylor is passionate about teaching others the transformative power of the dog-human bond. Thrilled to be part of Dog House Denver, Taylor strives to create a safe and happy space for both her ambitions and your beloved dogs.

Madison Pemmberto poses with a black and tan dog.

Madison Pemberto, Dog Handler

Hey there! Madison, a Colorado native, has been working with dogs at doggie daycares for the past six years, fueled by her lifelong love for animals. 

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Currently a student at Bel-Rea Institute in Denver, pursuing her dream of becoming a certified veterinary technician, Madison envisions a future in a vet clinic. As a proud dog mom to a goofy cattle dog mix named Nile, Madison brings her passion for animals, extensive daycare experience, and dedication to Dog House Denver, ensuring a safe and joyful environment for your pets.

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4.7 stars | 66 reviews
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