About Our Rooms

At Dog House Denver we separate dogs based off of energy and temperament. Therefore, all dogs will be assessed and placed into the appropriate room where they can thrive and interact with similar dogs.

Puppy Room

Most dogs 6 months and younger will be placed with other pups in our puppy room! However, some older dogs also thrive and enjoy puppy energy so there may be a few dogs older than 6 months that spend time with the young ones.

Low Energy

The best room for a dog who just wants to relax and cuddle. Shy/timid dogs also tend to thrive best in our low energy room where the stimulation is minimal.

Medium Energy

Dogs placed in our medium energy room will have an opportunity to interact with dogs with a variety of temperaments. Some medium energy dogs prefer exploring and cuddling while others want to play chase and enjoy toys.

High Energy

This is where the fun happens! Lots of toys and activities will be available to any dog who enters the high energy room. Dog House staff is very mindful of dogs getting overstimulated however, and will give each dog a break as needed to prevent hyperactivity.